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Bangladesh Hybrid Nursery & Seed Company

Bangladesh is a agricultural country. Here is vast possibility of agriculture. It is possible to make developed Bangladesh by taking high productive agricultural goods in consideration life developed countries. For that purpose joint attempt of all is necessary. Agriculture may only resort to reach the country in high peak. Soil, water, air, climate, population all are suitable for flower, fruit and harvest. Therefore it is possible to make the country self- dependent through planting improved verities and high productive coconut tree. Many countries of the world such as: Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Sri Lanka including others countries are rich with many productive coconut which are testy and flavored. These countries are financially self- dependent by exporting Young Coconut Shell, Activated Carbon, Coconut Oil, Coconut etc. There is vast market of Coconut Oil, Coconut Activated Carbon, Coconut Jelly, Coconut Charcoal, Young Coconut, Others Coconut products in Bangladesh. Consumer demands are fulfilling through import.

If may start of separate improved varieties of coconut in Bangladesh which are more productive then possible to reduce import dependability. We took a project Bangladesh Hybrid Nursery &Seed Company in hand by which we are marketing Hybrid Coconut Plant, Hybrid Fruit Plant, Hybrid Vegetables by preserving in Greenhouse etc. All plants are able to produce 10 multiple more than general plant of our country. We are eager to help and assist to industry entrepreneur including entrepreneur of filed level by which we make a prosper Bangladesh.

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OSMOSIA Company is a leading supplier of Aromatic Coconut Seedlings in Bangladesh, We providing low price of 'Aromatic Coconut' belongs to the dwarf type of coconut variety

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